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Call for A Public Inquiry...

Deputy Gerry Adams SF

"I believe that even a cursory examination of this tragic case raises sufficient questions that a Commission of Investigation is necessary"
- 20th July 2016

Catherine Ardagh

Catherine Ardagh Senator FF

“It is very hard to understand why nobody is being brought to task for inadequacies or for wrongdoing” 14 June 2018

Ivana Bacik Senator LAB

I ask the Minister to respect the vote in the Dail. He did not refer to the vote in his statement but what does the Minister propose to do to ensure the Dail vote today in support of a public inquiry is carried out? On behalf of the labour party, I endorse the call for a public inquiry” 14th June 2018


Lynn Boylan MEP SF

"I now formally ask you to call for an Independent Public Inquiry into Shane O'Farrell's death. It is Lucia O'Farrell and her family's last hope for justice."
- 10th March 2016


Deputy Declan Breathnach FF

“I call again for a full and open inquiry that will get to the bottom of and expose the issues and serious flaws in our judicial system in this country” 12th June 2018

Deputy Thomas P Broughan IND

"I strongly support the request for a public inquiry and urgent establishment of a commission of investigation into the tragic death of Shane O’Farrell" 31st May 2018

Mary Butler FF

Deputy Mary Butler FF

If the criminal justice system had been functioning properly, Gridziuska would not have been at liberty on the day he killed Mr. O’Farrell” 12 June 2018

jackie Cahill

Deputy Jackie Cahill FF

He had been released on bail on numerous offences and had breached his bail bonds, yet he had not been brought before the courts for these breaches” 12 June 2018

Matt Carthy MEP SF

"I am now calling on you as An Taoiseach to instigate a Full and Public Inquiry into the failings of the Justice System in this case."
- October 2014

Nessa Childers MEP

"Dear Taoiseach...
I sincerely hope that you will grant Ms. O'Farrell's wish that an independent review be conducted”
- 27th May 2015

Deputy Niall Collins FF

"I fully support Ms. O'Farrell's request for an independent public inquiry into this”
- 3rd June 2014

Deputy Catherine Connolly IND

“The minister talked about a tragedy, but I will talk about an indictment” 31st May 2018

Deputy Ruth Coppinger PBP

"To ask the Tánaiste and Minister for Justice and Equality if she will establish a Commision of Investigation into Garda Síochána conduct prior to the death of Shane O'Farrell
- 7th July 2016

Lucinda Creighton

"Dear Taoiseach...I hope you will grant Ms. O'Farrell's request that an independent review be conducted”
-8th May 2014

Deputy Sean Crowe SF

Deputy Clare Daly IND

""To ask the Tánaiste and Minister for Justice and Equality if she will initiate a Commission of Investigation into the case of Shane O'Farrell
- 16th December 2016

Deputy Michael Fitzmaurice IND

“A young person has lost their life and the system has failed his family” 12 June 2018

Robbie Gallagher Senator FF

"It is about how the State and the organs thereof, in not doing their job, have led us to where we are today” 14/06/2018

Marian Harkin MEP Independent

"I call urgently on the Minister for Justice to respect the vote in the Dail and the call from Irish MEPs to set up a Public Inquiry into the Circumstances surrounding the death of Shane O'Farrell. There can be no more delays - this has gone on for far too long".
- August 2018


Deputy Brendan Howlin LAB

"I have come to the conclusion that a State inquiry is required and will be writing to the new Minister for Justice & Equality, Deputy Charles Flanagan, T.D. in support of same"
- 11th July 2017


Senator Kevin Humphreys LAB

"Dear Taoiseach... I enclose for your information a worrying [Shane O'Farrell] case...I would request that you also seek a review of this”
- 24th February 2014

Deputy Gino Kenny PBP

"This was an accident waiting to happen because of gross negligence and missed opportunities in the conduct of the local police force and the judicial system" 31st May 2018

Deputy Martin Kenny SF

There need to be an inquiry into the relationship between the criminal fraternity and certain Gardai and into how they act and how they co-operate.”12 June 2018 Sinn Fein Dail Eireann

Pádraig Mac Lochlainn Senator SF

The minister has a responsibility to respect the will of our Parliament and Dail Eireann today, which has given him a mandate to set up a public inquiry into the full circumstances of Shane O’Farrell’ death” Senator Sinn Fein 14 June 2018 Seanad Eireann

Deputy Micheal Martin FF

"The coverage of the recent Tribunal of Inquiry into Sergeant McCabe's case has highlighted the need for the Shane O'Farrell case to be independently assessed with a view to setting up an inquiry" 28 Feb 2017 To Taoiseach

Deputy Mary Lou McDonald SF

"It is clear that the investigation necessary to uncover the truth is beyond the capacity and competency of GSOC and that an Independent Public Inquiry is now required." Dáil Éireann debate - Thursday, 31st May 2018

Deputy Mattie McGrath IND

"We need to have outside, independent Investigators and accountability [into the case of Shane O'Farrell's death]”
-31st May 2018, Dáil Éireann

Minister Finian McGrath IND

"To ask the Minister for Justice and Equality if she will initiate a full independent public inquiry into the tragic killing of Shane O'Farrell
-20th January 2015

Deputy John McGuinness FF

“This is another dark secret, one that tells a story about a catalogue of failures from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution all the way down to the investigating Gardai” 30th May 2018 Dail Eireann.

Mairead McGuinness MEP

"I believe that nothing less than a full public inquiry is necessary”
- 4th July 2014

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness (RIP)

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Deputy Catherine Murphy SD

"I have met Lucia O'Farrell a couple of times and the first item on the front of the page of the report she gave me is a picture of her lovely son, who was murdered. She will spend the rest of her life trying to get justice and she is looking at somebody who was part and parcel of some of the failings in the process. That is completely unacceptable" 26th May 2016

Deputy Eugene Murphy FF

Senator David Norris

“There is no doubt whatever that had the Garda, at a series of stages, acted appropriately and as it is required to do by law, Shane O’Farrell would be alive today” 30th May 2018

Deputy Donnchadh O' Laoghaire SF

"It is fair to say there was a failure by many of the agencies of the law and it is not unfair to say that the justice system as a whole in the state categorically failed the family of Shane O’Farrell” 31st May 2018

Deputy Jonathan O' Brien SF

"To ask the Tánaiste and Minister for Justice and Equality... her views on whether this case and others of a similar nature merits the establishment of a Commission of Investigation
- 19th July 2016

Deputy Jim O'Callaghan FF

"It reveals a very significant inadequacy and inefficiency at the heart of the criminal justice system.“31 May 2018 "The public interest require that there be a further investigation of this matter” 12th June 2018

Deputy Caoimhghin Ó'Caoláin SF

"Inexplicably, however, the absence of proper application of the law by members of An Garda Siochana, even where all the salient information was not to hand, merits comprehensive address."

Deputy Willy O'Dea FF

"We will have a lot of extra laws but in this case we are talking about enforcement” Fianna Fail --- 30 May 2018

Deputy Fergus O'Dowd FG

"To ask the Minister for Justice and Equality if she will initiate a full independent public inquiry into the tragic killing of Shane O'Farrell
- 22nd October 2015

Minister Shane Ross Independent

"Shane does deserve a full public inquiry because the justice system has let you down badly" 30th November 2014

Deputy Sean Sherlock LAB

"The justice system and the agencies of the state have failed him utterly” 31st May 2018

Deputy Roisin Shorthall Social Democrats

 "I want to assure you that I.... will be fully supporting the motion from FF when it is voted on on Thursday." 

Deputy Brid Smith People Before Profit

That senior Gardai acted incompetently is not up for debate” 31st May 2018

Deputy Niamh Smyth FF

"The case reveals the shocking dysfunction at all levels of the criminal justice system" 31st May 2018

Deputy Brendan Smyth FF

"The O' Farrell Family have been failed by the state" 12th June 2018

Transparency International Ireland

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UCD Sutherland School of Law

TCD School of Law

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