We call for a Public Inquiry into every aspect of the Justice System that failed Shane, and the cover-up that followed

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29th July 2021
RTE Primetime Investigates

‘RTE Primetime Investigates’ review progress in the case for a Public Inquiry – July 2021. 

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25th October 2018
Dáil Éireann

“A motion was passed by the House relating to the investigation of the death of Shane O’Farrell. The Government has taken no action to implement the desire of the Opposition to have that matter investigated…

…I believe the Shane O’Farrell case is one that clearly demonstrates to people that the State and the Government have no interest unless they are pushed to the point where action has to happen.”

 Deputy John McGuinness – Dáil Éireann – Statements on The Charleton Report

Minister Charlie Flanagan recognises Failure -

“I was emphatic that I accepted that they were failures. A man, who had numerous previous convictions, including for theft, drugs and road traffic offences, and who was on bail at the time of the incident, had also been arrested for other offences while on bail.  We all know there are laws related to the obligations on those who obtain release on bail and there are sanctions if those bail conditions are breached.  Unfortunately in this particular case those sanctions were not implemented and there was a failing.”

14th June 2018 – Seanad Éireann

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What Happened?

Shane O’Farrell was murdered in a hit and run in August 2011 by a criminal who was in multiple breaches of bail.

Had the Gardai done their basic duty Shane would be alive.

Shane was failed by the Courts and the Irish Justice System


This case encompasses everything that is wrong with the legal system in Ireland


Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

The State’s response has been to Delay, Deny, Lie, and Cover Up