23.06.21 – John McGuinness, Micheal Martin – Dail

Deputy John McGuinness

Today is World Whistleblowers’ Day. In light of the European directive and the review of the protected disclosures legislation, the Taoiseach should ask his Ministers to deal with all the protected disclosures in a constructive way within their Departments. In particular, I ask him to look at the ones that have been dealt with on the floor of this House, including those from the Cork Institute of Technology, CIT, and those made by John Barrett. Lucia O’Farrell exposed many questions relating to structures of the State. I ask the Taoiseach to take an initiative that will bring all of these to a conclusion rapidly and in fairness to those who are making the disclosures.

The Taoiseach – Micheal Martin

Deputy McGuinness pointed out that today is World Whistleblowers’ Day. He has been very involved in a number of issues in that regard. I will certainly engage with Ministers to ensure that all protected disclosures are dealt with properly, effectively and constructively